New use for rusty pedal rods

Who knew that those pedal rods in the garage would be reused for a yard decoration?

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Mozart Sonatine #1 for harp and flute

Recently when going through old files and music, I came upon a printed transcription I had done about 25 years ago, in an old notation program called “Music Printer Plus” – it was a DOS based program some of you may remember – a lot of us loved it, but it became obsolete.  So we were able to scan the music and make it into a PDF a couple of days ago.

I never liked the way the pages ended up – difficult page turns, so didn’t pursue publishing it.  But you may be able to use it as is, or cut and paste to your needs.

Enjoy it for free!  I was unable to upload it to “this” site because of the size, so I put it up on my teaching site –  and the direct link is HERE.

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A Great String Bag at a Great Price

John bought this bag 2 years ago. He uses it to hold harp repair tools, a full set of pedal harp strings, tuner, tuning keys, a can of air (to blow out the pin holes), and more. He says it was a great investment.  The link to purchase on Amazon is below the pictures.  The current price is $21.99 at Amazon.

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Marble Halls

I played a concert last week on lever harp.  My harp mover helper was out of town, and I had planned on playing my pedal harp.  So at the last minute I changed the part in Marble Halls that is chromatic.  I enclose that short section here for you to print and paste into your music.  I took the piano accompaniment from and played it pretty much exactly as written, but pasted in the below adjustment.

lever part Marble Halls

I subscribe to – I find it very valuable for the oddball ensembles that I find myself involved in, and some are normal, like flute and harp!  Here is the Marble Halls accompaniment in D.

“I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls” or “The Gypsy Girl’s Dream” is a popular aria from The Bohemian Girl, an 1843 opera by Michael William Balfe, with lyrics by Alfred Bunn. It is sung in the opera by the character Arline, who is in love with Thaddeus, a Polish nobleman and political exile. – source:

Added to post July 2, 2019 – Easy Lever Harp Version.  Marble Halls Easy Lever Harp


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O Perfect Love

I recently wrote a simple arrangement of “O Perfect Love” for one of my students.  You are welcome to download it and use it.  Compliments of Melody’s Traditional Music and Afghan Press Music for the Harp. Enjoy!  o perfect love

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Harp/Flute Concert at St. Joseph Chapel, Milwaukee

Yesterday I played a sacred concert at the historic St. Joseph Chapel in Milwaukee.  It was preceded by a Taize service.  That morning I realized that I wouldn’t be able to take my pedal harp because my helper was out of town.  So I played it on my Dusty FH36.  Only one piece, “I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls” (Balfe) required pedal changes.  So I quickly rewrote the chromatic section (key of D).  You can download it if you desire, and tape it into your music. For the rest of the piece I used an accompaniment downloaded from

The live stream (concert portion begins at 49m 30s) is here


For the Beauty of the Earth arr. Daniel Burton
Be Thou My Vision arr. Daniel Burton
Amazing Grace arr. Deborah Govenor
Medley arr. Deborah Govenor:  Children of the Heavenly Father | Nettleton | Shall We Gather | My Shepherd Will Supply

Now Thank We All Our God arr. Daniel Pinkston (harp part played on piano, it was easier for me)

Inisheer by Thomas Walsh arr. C. Braden/Radspinner

Captain O’Kane (O’Carolan)/Kingsfold (trad Irish) arr. C. Braden/Radspinner

I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls Michael Balfe (PDF of altered part, scroll to bottom or here: lever part Marble Halls)

I Will Bow and Be Simple (Shaker)/The Ash Grove (trad Irish) arr. C. Braden/Radspinner

Roberta’s Garden by Linda DeBrita

lever part Marble Halls

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Amazing Slow Downer App

Thanks to Robbin Gordon-Cartier and Cynthia Shelhart, I have discovered ASD – AMAZING SLOW DOWNER.  It’s a great app for practicing – especially if you have a long and difficult movement.  If you have an mp3 of your music, you can slow it down without changing pitch and practice along.  It’s empowering.  The lite version is free, but you can only upload an mp3 file of a few minutes.  If the piece you’re working on is lengthy, you will need to purchase the app for $14.99.  It’s well worth it.  Getting your mp3 into the program is easy, too. You just open your mp3 file and click on the upload icon (or export icon), and choose ASD.  It will go into a file folder.

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The Beloved Bard – a new Welsh book

The Beloved Bard – Welsh Music arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for harp and flute/violin

Scroll down to download the first piece FREE.  (Right Click, Save As).  Purchase

This collection contains twenty arrangements of beloved Welsh airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. The arrangements are placed in progressive key order to facilitate lever or pedal changes when playing the entire collection as a “set” of Welsh music. Contains minimal lever changes, fingerings, dynamics and guitar chords. (Keys of Bb, F, C and G) Continue reading

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A Style 16 has entered the building

Here it is, May of 2019 and there are a lot of used harps at the shop.  One in particular, a Style 16, came with a small stack of music.  We found 3 price lists:  1957, 1961, unknown. Also what looks like an “almost” original of a Dewey Owens Bach Arioso arrangement. John has had a very pleasant Skype conversation with the owner of the 16.  Both harp and owner have character.  We’re not sure when the harp will be available.  If you’re interested, you are welcome to call the shop at 800-893-4277.
Continue reading

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Las Mañanitas

I love Sam Milligan’s arrangement of “Las Mañanitas” in Medieval to Modern Volume 2. Been playing it for years.

Today when teaching it to one of my students, her father informed me that it is never done in C, always in G.  I didn’t know that!

So….  here is an easy version in the key of G, compliments of Melody’s.  (Click Below)

Las Mananitas

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