Free Printables

You can download these PDF files for free! Click on the link and the PDF will open.

You may find this chart helpful for students.  I teach in the public schools (where they may only play once a week) and the kids refer to these 2 pictures all the time.
Chart 1  color string guide
Image – harp strings on the wall (at an elementary school) 

Rounds – Hey Ho and Shalom Chaverim for 3 melody instruments (2 treble 1 bass.)

Mozart Sonatine 1 – for pedal harp and flute, transcribed from keyboard version.

O Come Little Children – one verse optional accompaniment.

Dona Nobis Pacem – round in same format as above “Rounds”

God Rest Ye – countermelody

Just a Closer – harp solo

Yellow Rose – Louise Trotter’s Yellow Rose

Sanskrit Chant – Om Mani Padme Um

King of Laois – harp solo

Trippin’ – Irish, harp solo in both D and C

Faery Rath – Welsh, harp solo

Comely Carefree Lads – Welsh harp solo

Holly and Ivy – harp & flute

He Is Born – harp & flute

Below, Star of the County Down as presented in lesson format from Summer 2015 eblast

Star part 1 | Star part 2 | Star part 3 | Star part 4

Below, Red River Valley as presented in lesson format from another eblast from 2015

Red River Valley part 1  | RRV part 2a  | RRV part 2b

Angels Song – this is by Rutter.  I typeset it for my own use a few years back so that there are less page turns. It is free for harpists who wish to use it in performance. Might work for piano, too. This has some harp specific edits. There are some mistakes which you’ll find when you go over it.  I can’t find the original raw files, and have not had time to re-typeset.

Cello parts for Tepper Book – Cello parts for a few of the tunes in Ellen Tepper’s “Harper’s Accomplice” – these parts won’t do anything for you unless you have the book which must be purchased. Cello parts are free, book is not.
Harper’s Accomplice Paper Version | Harper’s Accomplice PDF version

Worksheets for Young Beginners

coloring the C red exercise – a worksheet on holding the C and playing the D

hold the D number 2 – a worksheet on holding the D and playing the C

Workshop Handouts

FINALsight-reading webinar – you can use this to help you sight read, or if you wish, you can have Mary give you a SKYPE lesson on Sight Reading.  You can also view the below You Tube as a guide.