How to Contact

Melody’s Traditional Music
Texas Location:
21626 Gentry Road
Cypress, TX 77429
Phone: (281) 890-4500

Mary Radspinner’s Cell # (for those questions directly for Mary) 1-832-813-2663 (please note that due to my teaching schedule, I am not always in the “shop”).  John and Reba keep regular hours and are most easily contacted for general questions on music, strings, etc.

4 Responses to How to Contact

  1. Kate Gabriele says:

    I am selling my Prelude 40 lever harp so I can buy a pedal harp. How can I send this information and photo to you?

  2. susan barkley says:

    Hi Mary,
    I am looking for someone who can restring my Dusty Strings. Is there anyone that you know of, that could do this either in the Houston or Dallas area?

  3. Andrew says:

    Looking for a reasonable priced pedal harp and harp dolly for 7th grader

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