A Little History

To the best of my knowledge, it was the year 1989. I was teaching lots of harp students. One of the students was Carrie, a very talented musician. That year her dad chose me as the yearly tithe.  I knew I had to do something very special with that, because it represented sort of the very essence of me. I procured a DBA and called it “Melody Productions” in honor of our Afghan Hound, Melody. Melody was a gift from me to John in 1987. I continued teaching and performing, and hung onto the essence of that gift. In my search for something more fulfilling than performing for parties, John and I decided to open a music studio and small store, making harp available to more people. We signed a contract to rent an 800 square foot storefront in a strip mall for our 41 students. We stocked a few harps, 2 hammered dulcimers and about 3 Autoharps. We ordered some racks to display print music, and we had maybe 50 titles of music. That first year we produced a small catalog and sent it to about 400 customers in the midwest region. We stamped, sorted, and did all the bulk mailing ourselves. We named our store after our beloved Afghan Hound, Melody. Over the next few years we expanded, moved, then bought a free-standing building, sold it after 5 years (and 2 robberies), and are now very close to home in a perfectly sized building. And here we are well into our 20th year. Our specialty is print music. We also publish print music within our publishing company called Afghan Press – you guessed it, named after Melody. Since Melody and her sons, we have become active in Afghan Hound Rescue.  We have fostered a couple dozen, and have adopted Harry who was with us until 2007, Augusta (1998-2011) and Ricky, currently a lure coursing champion.

Sincerely, Mary and John

Our store hours: We are open by appointment.  We’re located in Cypress, TX.

To Call Us:
(Ordering from the Houston area: 281-890-4500)
Harp Music orders between 3-5PM: 1-832-813-2663

On the Internet www.folkharp.com

E-mail: melodytradmusic@gmail.com

Owners John Gill and Mary Radspinner

We hope you enjoy our website – and let us know what else you’d like to see or how we can improve it for you.

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