Harp Crossings by Diana Stork

For Latin, Lever, and Pedal harps. Includes excellent audio links to recordings of all the music in the book. Includes great “south-of-the-border” harp techniques! Diana’s workshops on her new release are receiving rave reviews. Harp Crossings is available at Melody’s https://www.folkharp.com/latin-american/4863-harp-crossings.html and at many other harp stores throughout the world.

I had the pleasure of attending Diana Stork¹s Latin Harp workshop that she
presented for Harpers Hall in January. We are a multi-level group of harpers
from diverse backgrounds — from music readers, to ear players, and from
professional to beginning harpists.  Diana provided a way for even the
beginners to get a good grasp of the music, while still giving the more
advanced players enough challenge to keep us all engaged and interested!
She not only taught a traditional  Venezuelan tune, but also taught us
several of the harp techniques that are particular to Latin American harp
music. In addition, she gave some background on the culture and tradition of
learning music in Venezuela.

~Verlene Shermer, San Jose, CA
January 2020

Hi Diana — 

On January 19th, members of Harpers Hall were treated to a delightful
workshop by Diana Stork about Latin music for the harp.  She is well-versed
in the various traditions in the different Latin American countries which
have embraced the Celtic-style lever harp.

It was very interesting to hear about how the instruments themselves are
crafted and how the rhythms evolved as a result of what materials were used,
and the sounds they produce.  What was abundantly clear was that Diana was
able to convey the passion harpers/harp players in Latin music have for
their music.

  We were able to try out a piece written in the style of Venezuela, I
believe.  There was a role for players at every level.  Diana has produced a
new book containing this piece and others which feature some fun rhythms and
melodies with a Latin flare.  Along with the history and culture of Latin
music, we were also invited to take a Celtic piece out of our repertoire and
“perform” it using some Latin techniques (rhythms and energy) which gave the
piece an entirely new twist while maintaining its familiarity.

Diana brings her own passion to her presentation.  This was a thoroughly
enjoyable afternoon.”
Barbara Herlihy, Saratoga, CA
Jan. 2020

Diana has first hand expert knowledge of the Latin harp style and her skill
in playing her arrangements is inspirational. She was able to instill in her
listeners, in a short time, a feeling for the music that allows even
beginners to join in with confidence.                    Truely enjoyable
and inspirational.
~Susan Nguyen, Saratoga, CA

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