King Arthur’s Court

Here is an inspiring collection of original works for harp by a young harp student named Claire Pershan. Her music is inspired by the stories of Arthurian legend read to her as a very young child by her mother. The music is out of the ordinary, and fun to play. The compositions are not difficult, but they do have changing meter and many passages that are very good for learning specific technical aspects of playing the harp. Dynamics are well marked. All of the music Claire wrote for this collection can be performed on a full range lever harp. Guinevere is in A minor, and uses mostly 2 and 3-note finger placings. It is 2 pages in length and without lever changes. Tingagel is in D minor, 3 pages in length. There are 2, 3, and 4-note finger placings. Also, there is a 7/8 rhythm change, and some notes quite high, requiring learning some of those notes way above the treble staff. This piece also teaches phrasing. King Arthur is 4 pages in length, and in the key of D Dorian. Meter markings are 2/2, ¾ and 4/4. Although not difficult, in one section there are LH harmonics as the underlying harmony to RH triplets. Wicked Day is in C minor, 6/8 time. Contains parallel 5ths, 3, and 4-note placing patterns. 2 pages in length. Ninian is in D Dorian ending on an A minor chord. 2 pages in length, mainly 3-note placing patterns. Its meter changes from ¾ to common time and bock to ¾ again. Ninian contains 1 and 2-measure phrases shared by both hands. Morgane, the Witch is marked with 3 flats, but C and F sharps are on permanently. It consists mainly of parallel 4ths. There are a few lever changes in this one. The final selection in this book is Sparrow Hawk. It is 2 pages in length and in the key of G Dorian with 3 flats. The meter changes several times, and there is one measure of 4/8. It’s a great exercise in counting. The LH remains active with broken chords; the RH contains broken chords and also short lyrical phrases. LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE LEVER HARP.

Free – Morgane the Witch  (your Halloween Treat) Morgane the Witch – free

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