The Beloved Bard – a new Welsh book

The Beloved Bard – Welsh Music arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for harp and flute/violin

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This collection contains twenty arrangements of beloved Welsh airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. The arrangements are placed in progressive key order to facilitate lever or pedal changes when playing the entire collection as a “set” of Welsh music. Contains minimal lever changes, fingerings, dynamics and guitar chords. (Keys of Bb, F, C and G)

Dafydd y Garreg-Lâs (David of the Blue Stone) Y Gofid Glâs (The Blue Devils)
Syr Harri Ddu (Sir Harry Black) Morfa Rhuddlan (Marsh of Rhuddlan) Meillionen (Clover or Sir Watkin’s Delight) Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) Mentra Gwen (Venture Gwen) Diddanwch Gruffydd ap Cynan (Delight of Gruffydd Son Conan) Merch Megan (Megan’s Daughter)
Suo-Gân (Lullaby Song) Dewis Meinwen (Fair One’s Choice) Megan a Gollodd ei Gardas (Megan Who Lost Her Garter) Dafydd y Garren-Wen (David of the White Rock) Glân Feddwdod Mwyn (Sweet Intoxication)
Y Gàlon Drom (The Heavy Heart)
Codiad yr Hedydd (Rising of the Lark)
Maldod Arglwyddes Owen (Lady Owen’s Favorite)
Eryri Wen (White Snowdon)
Breuddwyd y Frenhines (The Queen’s Dream)
Llwyn-Onn (The Ash Grove)




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