For those who love this romantic and lyrical music, we have a digital download of Mattinata, written in 1904 and dedicated to Caruso.  The PN (part number – it is usually easiest to find items on any site in any store by part number) is E280.  This arrangement is by David Sullivan of “Celtic Harp on the Prairie” fame.

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You Tube of the great Andrea Bocelli singing this charming piece.

Mattinata was written by Ruggero Leoncavallo in 1904 and dedicated to the famous operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso. Mr. Caruso was the first to record it in 1904 with the composer at the piano. Ever since, this piece has become a well known favorite on the concert stage. Translated from the Italian, Mattinata means Morning. It is the tale of a singer entreating a sleeping lover to awake and behold the dawning of the day. This arrangement can be played on a lever harp tuned in F. A 36 string lever harp can play all the written bass notes, but a smaller harp could play the entire arrangement by shifting some bass notes an octave higher. Lever changes are indicated throughout with symbols and text.

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