Unique Witcher Harp for sale!

We have handled harps of all types over the years but this is probably one of the most unique! Built by Jay Witcher in 1994, it is a Renaissance ‘type’ double strung harp. 61 strings with the parallel rows offset, it is staved back with a closed sound box design. Built of maple, it has a traditional Renaissance red stain. ~58″ on the column with the back at ~49″. As harps of this period were not free standing, it comes with the cradle for when not being played. It’s listed as a Renaissance ‘type’ due to the metal support plate on the bottom and being strung in nylon.
Besides the cradle, also included is a Triplett Signature case and ergonomic tuning key – $2500.00
Jay Witcher Stringing Jay Witcher Witcher Offset Witcher Neck 2 Witcher Full Witcher Back
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