Award-Winning Film “The Harpist”

Dear Harpists,
You might enjoy the award-winning short film, “The Harpist”. It features music by Meg Robinson, one of the artists in our publishing company. I am playing one of Meg’s songs and have credit at the end. Fame at last!
Here’s the link: Wishes for an excellent summer!Mary R

PS – Meg’s website is

Oh – and one more thing. You can read an interview with Meg on my good friend Sylvia Woods’

website here:

Except remember to buy your harp music from Melody’s – LOL.

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2 Responses to Award-Winning Film “The Harpist”

  1. Carol Wood says:

    I love this film–so touching. I didn’t realize you were playing the lovely harp music at the end, Mary, and I wonder now if I had even noticed that the music was by Meg Robinson?

    • maryradspinner says:

      Thank you Carol. It is a touching film and I was honored to provide the mp3. I remember recording that piece because the sound sample Meg provided was just not working, so I did it myself, and that was very fortunate because I was able to send that file over pronto.

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