Mid-October Announcement – 2015


Dear Harp Friends,

We hope you are enjoying a hint of fall in the air!

We have quite a few new titles including four by Frank Voltz.   We have 2 used harps on the floor. Some Halloween titles are discounted – scroll to see all the gory details. There are a few gems of information in between the new music listings, too.

Julietta Rabens Moore We have a new category of downloadable music by Julietta Rabens, in addition to her popular (in paper version) “Classics at your Fingertips”.  The titles are Cnidarian Nocturnes | Petite Suite and Meditations in a Meadow | Remembrance (Hymns) | Saturniid Noctures & Reverie | Seven Preludes for Lap Harp | Winter Wooden Lace  Ms. Rabens has an excellent reputation as a contemporary composer.  See her FB page.

Another new category is the downloadable music of JulieAnn Smith.  Simple and pretty, the music has been written largely for therapeutic use. Most have a sound clip.  This is the first round, and there will be more.  It’s Beautiful There | Merry-Go-Round | Lullaby | Lydia | Changes.

Our sound clips – they’re way at the bottom, and until we have a renovation of the web site, they are not playable on devices, only from your computer, either your desktop or your laptop.  So please check for sound clips by scrolling beneath the description.  Many thanks!  At last count, we have 558 items with sound samples. Many also have You Tubes.

Barbara Fackler, friend and author of “The Sacred Harp”, discovered that you can download the La Riviere for free!  It’s not perfect and has some markings, but it is there for you.  (We sell it new, too, but free is really really good.)  Click HERE. On her website she also has a guide to the notation used in the music of Bernard Andres.  See it HERE.

My favorite music marking pencil is the Papermate Sharpwriter.  I like the lead because it is .7, just a little thicker than some of the others.  On the package it says “not refillable” – but I found a video that tells you how to refill!  I was so disappointed to think I might have to throw these plastic pencils in the recycling bin after using just one lead, but noooo – watch this video and be kind to the planet. I have tried it and it works fine – it’s easy.

Heartstone Book Cover

There’s a new WIRE HARP book out by Hilary De Vries.  The book includes sound on all the pieces.  It is only available as a PDF download, and you can find it HERE.




Frank Voltz has been busy as you can tell – there are FOUR more new pieces!! Mr. Voltz’ music is only available in paper hard copy version.

Hacienda Gate
Paragon of Virtue
On the New River
The Little King

all Voltz titles can be found under his tag on our site

Carol Wood’s “Saxtons RIver Suite” will be performed on Nov. 7 by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Ensemble and Counterpoint Chorus. It is a world premier, celebrating the five seasons of Saxtons River, VT. Congratulations to Carol!  Here is her FB page.





Used harps oct 2015

We have 2 used harps at the shop which may be of interest to you!  A Venus Diplomat, and a Dusty Strings FH36B in maple. Give us a call if you’re interested – neither has been used a great deal, nor used as a gigging harp.

Don’t forget our regular 10% multiple copy discount on print music. Besides a savings for teachers, ensembles can have one person order for the group, get the discount and save even more with a single shipping charge!  The discount is built in, so whenever you order 2 of the same title, you automatically receive a discount on those items.

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If you want to keep in the loop, but not receive our e-mails, please consider liking us on FB.  We’ll post our announcements there.  If you need to change your e-mail, you can use the unsubscribe option to do that, too. When we send out these announcements, many times we receive a great deal of orders, and sometimes we even run out of certain titles.  We attempt to keep a 4-month supply of each title on hand at all times, based on the current and previous year sales history. If we have run out of a title, you won’t be able to order it, but please know that we make every attempt to restock within 10 days.

We generally ship using media mail.  Media is printed or recorded matter, and it used to be known as “book rate” or “library rate”.  It is the least expensive way to ship.  We use new box material, or a cardboard support in a new padded envelope to protect your music. We have found that new packaging material survives the journey best, so we don’t use recycled material when sending out your orders (except for bubble wrap and paper padding), but we encourage you to recycle the packaging material you receive from us. We flatten and recycle all cardboard boxes from our vendors, and we reuse the bubble wrap.

Your friends at Melody’s!

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