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 Dear Harp Friends,

 Angi Bemiss, Kathryn Cater and Frank Voltz have new music and we now have it in stock!  This e-blast will detail their music , and another will follow in about 2 weeks with lots more new music that is arriving. Don’t forget our regular 10% multiple copy discount on print music. Besides a savings for teachers, ensembles can have one person order for the group, get the discount and save even more with a single shipping charge!  The discount is built in, so whenever you order 2 of the same title, you automatically receive a discount on those items.

The Bemiss descriptions are largely taken from her own recently sent e-mail announcement.  Please scroll down to view the new Voltz and Cater titles.  There are many new items from which to choose!The Music of Friends Volume 2 Key of C arr. Angi Bemiss
The Music of Friends Volume 2 Key of Eb arr. Angi Bemiss

Angi Bemiss  Quoting Bemiss (with a few edits), The Music of Friends #2; 25 contemplative selections from Brook Boddie, Aileen Kelley, Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins, Beth Kollé, Judy Phillips, Robin Phillips, Susan Raimond, Kim Robertson, Verlene Schermer, Sunita Staneslow, Wendy Stewart, Sharon Thormahlen, Louise Trotter, Frank Voltz, Margaret Warczak, Karl & Marilyn Wienand, and Sylvia Woods.  Over the years, folks have told us that Music of Friends Book #1 is their “go-to book” and have asked me to compile a second book.  Here are YouTube links for the two favorite compositions that finally convinced me that there needed to be a second book:  “Upon the Willows” by Brook Boddie.

and “Cairn Water” by Wendy Stewart (in MOFv2) – (Some of you may have heard Wendy play at Southeastern last year when she was here from Scotland.)

.   The following are new singles from Angi Bemiss.


  • Gabriel’s Oboe – Rhett Barnwell and Angi played this as a duet (Rhett on cello) in the Liturgical Harp Forum concert at Somerset. It is a lovely composition that you may recognize.

  • Essence of “The Swan” –  “This is Balfour Knight’s adaptation of the theme from Saint-Saëns’ Le Cygne/The Swan.  Quoting Angi: “When Balfour and I were arranging music for Classical Selections Book #2, he masterfully arranged “The Swan.”  He’s a much more accomplished harpist than me, and I have to admit that it’s the only arrangement I’ve published that I really can’t play without a lot of practice.  So, Balfour penciled out an easier version for me.  Rather than the 13 lever flips of his original arrangement (a miracle even at that), this lovely excerpt requires no flips.  You’ll love it!  On more than one occasion, tears have glistened as folks heard this lovely adaptation.”


  • The Handing Down

    Quoting Angi: “Written by the guitarist Ed Gerhard, this was on the Windham Hills Guitar Sampler from 1988.  I have always loved it and desperately wanted to play it on piano or harp, but I couldn’t find the music.  Finally, just a few months ago, I found a guitar tab and realized that it could work – so, after a long weekend of focused work, it came together.  I love to play it!  As harpists, we can appreciate the harmonics in this YouTube cover of it.  As a bonus of the challenging process of tracking down the copyrights for a print license, I was delighted to learn that Ed will be in concert in Roswell, GA, next March.  He is a master acoustic guitarist.  I can’t wait!”

  • Stephen Foster Medley

    Quoting Angi from here until the end of her listings: “A harpist-friend wrote to ask if I had arranged “Slumber My Darling” by Foster.  She sent this video, I was hooked immediately, and the rest is history. <snip>  I played some of these arrangements in the weeks before Mom’s death last October and, even as the light was fading from her eyes, she smiled in recognition of the timeless melodies.”

  • Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton – A harpist-CMP-friend was visiting and we were talking about my mother’s Alzheimer’s and the “magic” that happens when folks recognize a song and start singing along – what a privilege to bring tangible joy into their lives (and for the dear staff that provides such loving care)!  We then started talking about the fact that some of these folks are younger than us – very sobering.  Janie said, “Angi, you need to arrange music for us to play for our generation, too.”  She mentioned “Wonderful Tonight,” so I downloaded the music and found that it’s beautiful on the harp!  This video is vintage Clapton and brings back fond memories, exactly as I will always envision it being sung and played by him.
  • Carol Ann by Michael W. Smith

    A friend (named Carol Ann) asked if I’d ever heard this one, so I thought it would be nice to arrange it for her – ended up really liking it.  The recording is by MWS, and I play it slower on the harp.

  • Cry Out to Jesus     “This is one of our favorite songs by Third Day.  I love the melody and the message of the lyrics.”
  • Quiet Centre Medley –  “This simple medley came together while we were visiting friends in Scotland last summer.  At a service in the Old Kirk of Cullen built in 1602, we sang “Come and Find the Quiet Center.”
  •  Hector the Hero by James Scott Skinner

    A harpist-friend sent me this clip and a lead sheet she had found. After just a few minutes at the harp, I knew I wanted to arrange it.”  End of Angi Bemiss quoted material.  Angi’s Website is

    small karen harp

    The one and only Frank Voltz has 2 new titles!  His Name is Love – intermediate for all harps with only 2 lever changes.

    The Painting – a melodic piece, intermediate, with just a few lever changes.  Many of our customers eagerly await anything new by Mr. Voltz.  He has a charming style!

    More than a few of our customers own everything Mr. Voltz has ever arranged or composed – he has a huge fan club!

    Kathryn Cater was asked by one of our customers to pen her duo arrangement of Silent Night.  Gretchen, our customer, says this is drop dead gorgeous. I agree. Kathryn is an exquisite harpist, and her compositions and arrangements have the utmost integrity.

    Silent Night Duo for Flute and Lever Harp – paper version

    Silent Night Duo for Flute and Lever Harp – download version
    Silent Night Duo for Flute and Pedal Harp – paper version

    Silent Night Duo for Flute and Pedal Harp – download versionThe pedal harp version modulates, the lever harp version remains in the same key throughout.  Both have lush harmonies.  Cater’s web site has a link to the sound file  at

    We have more new titles, but did not want to overwhelm.  All new titles are under “What’s New”.

    Keep Cool and take care of yourselves.  Enjoy your preparations for fall activities and schedules.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!

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