Farewell Ricky


We acknricky1owledge the sudden passing of Ricky Radspinner Gill to his new experience (12/1/05-12/20/14). Ricky was pulled from the Lake Jackson SPCA on Dec. 1, 2007. He lived with us just over 7 years. He was at times a challenge, but for the most part, well loved by all who met him. He was very fond of Amy Hoffman, Lynn Radspinner and my brother Gregory. At the age of 6 he began lure coursing and won many ribbons, including 3rd place in national competition. Becoming noticeably and quickly winded, he was diagnosed with a minor heart condition, retired and spent the last 3 years traveling back and forth between Texas and Wisconsin with me. He was a superb traveler easily adjusting to the climate changes. Late last night he scrambled to get down the stairs to help Joey chase an opossum perched atop the fence. Up on just his hind legs and very enthusiastically pursuing the intruder, he seized, came down, whimpered, circled around and collapsed. A few minutes later he stopped breathing. RIP Ricky. Many thanks to Diane Radspinner for all the dog sitting. And thanks to Houston Area Hound Association (HAHA), Nicci, Max and Dee for their kind support during his lure coursing career. Thanks Amy for the great photo of Ricky in action! Ricky with Tashaabigail and rickyricky with flo small

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  1. Annie Mocha says:

    I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your beloved companion. He died doing what he loved, however, and that is a splendid transition. It’s always too soon to say goodbye to our precious, furry friends. We love them as hard as we can for as long as their lives will allow. Hugs.

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