Playing Contemplative Music

I recently gave a workshop at the Capital Harp Retreat entitled “Contemplative Music”.  These highlights may be helpful if you are playing for a meditative type event.

Helpful Hints

-Wear a watch if you are an a time schedule.  That way you won’t have to stop and check your phone, which may be subtly disruptive. Usually, meditations are 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or an hour.

-Have a stand light because it is usually darkish in the room -Use plastic page protectors – this minimizes the sound of page turns. You can also change the order of your music easily.

-3-ring binder is helpful to organize your music into keys, for minimum lever changes.

-Have water for yourself

-Have a cushion for your chair

Here is a brief list of music already written out.  I have used all of these for meditations during church services or at Healing Centers.

Joyce Rice “To Find a Gift” (from Contemporary Collection Volume 3) paper only at this time.

(Performed by composer Joyce Rice) Sound Sample: To Find a Gift Sound Sample

Carolyn Tait Jewish Melodies (the dissonance of the middle sections of these melodies may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I like these a lot!) Both paper and Download versions available.

Linda Larkin’s 3 chant titles (all available as download only): Chanting for Peace, Chants in the Celtic Tradition, Chants in the Sephardic Tradition

Christmas Day Book by Sunita Staneslow (contains Christmas songs that are also Scottish folk tunes – work very well for meditation because of their open-ness.):  Lullaby of the Virgin Mary, Baloo Lammy, That Night in Bethlehem. Currently available in paper only, schedule for download by August 2014.

Oh the Beautiful Treasures  (Rhett Barnwell’s version, or there is a version in St. Brigid’s Flame Book.) – the Barnwell version is available as paper or download.  The St. Brigid’s Flame book is scheduled to be available for download July 2014, now only in paper. Wondrous Love from the St. Brigid’s Flame book is also very nice.

Moonlight on the Seine from Mahan’s “Paris Once Again” book. Available both as paper or download.

Inisheer/Reverie arranged by Becky Baxter available either paper or download

Barbara Semmann’s books have been used for therapy/yoga for many years.  Particularly I like her “Countless Blessings” found in the Susseration book. Sound Sample: Countless Blessings

Carol Wood’s book: A Gathering of Friends contains “Walker in Two Worlds” – very nice!

Cater – Seagull from Soaring Strings book (the bird book)- You Tube, beautiful piece.


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  1. The seagull is indeed a beautiful piece plus very complimentary images on the video.

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