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frank Frank Voltz has pursued his music career as a performer, conductor, composer and arranger. As a concert performer on organ, piano, and harp, he has presented concerts and recitals in churches, theatres, and concert halls throughout America. He is an accomplished orchestral conductor as well as choral conductor having composed pieces for organ, piano, harp, and handbells. As an arranger, he continues to publish his gospel/jazz harp transcriptions. These arrangements introduce a fresh and exciting approach to traditional hymns and Christmas carols.

He performs all styles of music – classical to contemporary – and exudes joy in each performance. In concert, he is first and foremost a communicator.  He explains the form and function of his contemporary music and jazz selections to heighten the understanding and musical experience for the audience.

Frank is also available for music workshops. He loves to share his expertise and enthusiasm with others. Frank’s “Geography of the Harp” is exceptional in getting people more comfortable with the instrument.

Frank is a very personable guy, loved by many.  His personality is bubbly and delightful. His music is well known and he has a great following – many people purchase anything new sight unseen, because they know they will enjoy playing it.  Thus he is in the “best selling” category. We also have him tagged on the front page of our web site, so you can click on his name and every title he has written for harp is generated.

His latest compositions are Entrada and Reflections.

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  1. Ann Maes says:

    I too, am one of Frank Voltz’s fans. I very much enjoyed his workshop in Ohio (The Harp Gathering). What’s wonderful is he has the same luscious chords in his lower level music as well as more advanced pieces. His music fills me with emotion and feelings that never fades, no matter how many times I play the same piece. I can’t tell you my favorite, they are all so wonderful, and his ‘Celestial’ cd will do just that, take you into the celestial spheres! Thank you Frank for your gift of music and inspiration!

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