Simple Tunes arranged by Steve Hill

Hill, Steve
Price: $16.00
SKU: 93734 (also available as an e-book for $14 – see, type SIMPLE TUNES into the search, or find music by author top left)

Folk Tune Slovenia – Mecklenburgisher Bauerntanz German – Altmühl Ländler German – Hänschen Klein German – Folk Dance German – El Coqui Puerto Rico – Folk Tune Hungarian – Heisse Kathereinerle Alsace – May Song German – Dance Finland – Little Sandman German – – Eichstätter Bierbrauer Ländler German – Lullaby Austrian – Weggies Song Swiss – The British Grenadiers English – The Tailor and the Mouse English – Pretty Saro Kentucky – O Sally, My Dear English – The Touchstone English – She’s Like the Swallow New Foundland – Old Hymn German – Spring Dance German – The Sun is Rising out of Bed English – Father Grumble Kentucky – Hunting the Squirrel English – Hark the Tiny Cowslip Bell English – A Trip to Highgate English – Bath Carnival English – Haste to the Wedding English (possibley Scotch or Irish) – Under the Greenwood Tree English

A book of simple and relatively unknown folk tunes from around the world. Very good for students. Nicely arranged for harp – very enjoyable to play, lovely melodies. The majority are within the range of the 26-string harp going to the C below middle C, tuned in C with only F and G sharps needed. Very clearly notated. Many fingerings are provided as suggestions. You are welcome to change them to fit your needs – they are not set in stone.

Four selections are heard on the YouTube below, and a glimpse of each song is offered. Additionally, you can download a PDF where the same glimpse of each tune can be printed or looked at carefully.



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