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Something to do while you’re stuck at home

Hello All!

About 8 or 9 years ago, Patricia Jaeger and I were talking about retypesetting her lap harp books and publishing them. Patricia was a leader at the beginning of the folk harp movement. She was very supportive of us when we opened our store 27 years ago, and sent me copies of her hand-written books so I could get group classes going here in Houston. I am grateful to her for the help, and I still have 2 of the books. In honor of Patricia, Reba and I are typesetting these books. Reba is typesetting one of them, and I have the other. So today, we present to you page one from “Harp Hand Helps” by Patricia Jaeger. It is called “page one” – please enjoy playing the exercises, and also if you care to proof it, I am open to constructive criticism. Reba is working on the hard book with lots more notes, so the first more advanced exercise should be available next week (fingers crossed).

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Harp Crossings by Diana Stork

For Latin, Lever, and Pedal harps. Includes excellent audio links to recordings of all the music in the book. Includes great “south-of-the-border” harp techniques! Diana’s workshops on her new release are receiving rave reviews. Harp Crossings is available at Melody’s https://www.folkharp.com/latin-american/4863-harp-crossings.html and at many other harp stores throughout the world.

I had the pleasure of attending Diana Stork¹s Latin Harp workshop that she
presented for Harpers Hall in January. We are a multi-level group of harpers
from diverse backgrounds — from music readers, to ear players, and from
professional to beginning harpists.  Diana provided a way for even the
beginners to get a good grasp of the music, while still giving the more
advanced players enough challenge to keep us all engaged and interested!
She not only taught a traditional  Venezuelan tune, but also taught us
several of the harp techniques that are particular to Latin American harp
music. In addition, she gave some background on the culture and tradition of
learning music in Venezuela.

~Verlene Shermer, San Jose, CA
January 2020

Hi Diana — 

On January 19th, members of Harpers Hall were treated to a delightful
workshop by Diana Stork about Latin music for the harp.  She is well-versed
in the various traditions in the different Latin American countries which
have embraced the Celtic-style lever harp.

It was very interesting to hear about how the instruments themselves are
crafted and how the rhythms evolved as a result of what materials were used,
and the sounds they produce.  What was abundantly clear was that Diana was
able to convey the passion harpers/harp players in Latin music have for
their music.

  We were able to try out a piece written in the style of Venezuela, I
believe.  There was a role for players at every level.  Diana has produced a
new book containing this piece and others which feature some fun rhythms and
melodies with a Latin flare.  Along with the history and culture of Latin
music, we were also invited to take a Celtic piece out of our repertoire and
“perform” it using some Latin techniques (rhythms and energy) which gave the
piece an entirely new twist while maintaining its familiarity.

Diana brings her own passion to her presentation.  This was a thoroughly
enjoyable afternoon.”
Barbara Herlihy, Saratoga, CA
Jan. 2020

Diana has first hand expert knowledge of the Latin harp style and her skill
in playing her arrangements is inspirational. She was able to instill in her
listeners, in a short time, a feeling for the music that allows even
beginners to join in with confidence.                    Truely enjoyable
and inspirational.
~Susan Nguyen, Saratoga, CA

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Scale Exercise from Jeanne Henderson

I thought I would start writing down the exercises I remember learning from Jeanne Henderson way back in high school.  This is a simple scale exercise.  It might look complicated at first, but it’s just a C scale played in groups of four (always groups of four) and the LH starts 2 notes after the RH.  RH and LH play the exact same thing 2 octaves apart.  Try to play clean and without buzzing.  (My challenge is buzzing). —  Mary

Scale Exercise from Jeanne Henderson

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Jan Pennington Gray Scholarship Fund News

The Jan Pennington Gray Harp Scholarship Fund announces a new program to bring harps into the hands of children in public education. They are providing small harps and their JPG members are volunteering to work with music teachers in the public schools to expose children to the harp for a semester at a time. They believe if they get them to fall in love with the harp at an early age, it can positively change their lives.

If you would like to donate a harp, they will place your name or the name you choose on the instrument. Each harp will cost $734 with the discount the manufacturer will give. They (JPG) will be honored to accept any amount you would like to donate. You can specify whether your donation is for a harp, scholarship, or general contribution to the foundation. You can donate online by going to www.harpconnections.org and click on the donate button. It accepts all major credit cards and has reCAPTCHA installed to make donations even more secure. You may also send a check made to JPG and mailed to: 703 Courtney Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37415.  on FB: https://www.facebook.com/JanPenningtonGrayHarpScholarship/

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Discontinuing our 800 number

Hi All,

Within the next couple of weeks we will be discontinuing our 800 number. Most people have cell phones without long distance charge.  And we have noticed that other similar companies are doing the same.  Our regular number, 281-890-4500, and our email:  melodytradmusic@gmail.com are in use all the time!  Thank you!



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Courtesy Posting for Daisy Eddy

Harps for sale

Harp Info latest

Daisy is a customer who lives in a fairly remote area.  Therefore we are posting harps that she is in charge of for an estate.  Please contact her for more information, we are just the messenger.

Lyon and Healy, 40 strings, metal, gut and nylon, style 85 Pette, full pedals, serial #51538, purchased in 2004, from Melody Music. They loosened the strings for travel, the owner took it home, put it in a corner, never tuned or played it. This harp was replaced with the Chicago 40 which sells for $11,500. Kolacny Music states that this is a brand new harp, value $9500. It is in beautiful shape. It has the original cover, tuning key and a full extra set of strings, and a new moving cart. I will not ship, but will consider traveling to meet a new owner, and a reasonable offer. Contact Daisy Eddy, ajeddy@bresnan.net 406-656-3013 Billings, MT.

Cunningham 33 string harp. Handcrafted by Robert Cunningham in Atlanta, GA. in 6/87. Polished Mahogany-Satin Varnish. Green Case, Blue Heron brand. It is strung with metal, gut and nylon strings, has full plastic blade levers. Round back, and legs. Has tuning wrench. $2,000. Might be possible to ship. Contact Daisy Eddy, ajeddy@bresnan.net 406-656-3013 Billings, MT.

Cunningham 26 strings harp, all nylon strings. Handcrafted in 2007 by Robert Cunningham in Atlanta, GA. Has round back, removable base and legs, full plastic blade levers, Tuning wrench and cover(Colorado Case Co.) $1700. Might be able to ship. Contact Daisy Eddy, Billings, MT. ajeddy@bresnan.net 406-656-3013

Dusty Strings 34 strings, full levers, stave back, drop down leg, extra set of strings, tuning wrench, case with two sets of legs(long and short). In good condition. I purchased this harp for a young student who did not continue lessons. I also made a full cover bag, for easier carrying. I have $2,000 in it, might consider less. Contact Daisy Eddy, ajeddy@bresnan.net Billings, MT. 406-656-3013

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RIP Louise Trotter

Louie Trotter, age 96, passed away last evening.  She is an icon in the harp world, and will be missed!  Louise was extremely innovative in her arrangements and concepts, and actually reached her peak of intellect when she was in her late 70s and early 80s.  She never stopped learning, and studied gospel piano, after which she arranged music in that style for harp.  As her music publisher, we will be issuing transcriptions of “Sacred Treasures” – a CD recorded at Somerset.  These are thought to be among her best arrangements.  They were never written down, and we’ll try our best to make them available. Rest in Peace, Louise. – You may download the Order of Worship from her service OOW Louise Funeral

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Spooky Tunes by Mitch Landy

Mitch Landy’s Spooky Tunes Suite of five pieces for Halloween intended for intermediate players, especially young ones, the styles range from cartoonish (“Boogeyman”) to ethereal (“From Beyond”). None require lever changes; though lever settings for each piece require a harp with full levers. Nonetheless, the lever settings produce harmonies not usually heard on “folk” harps. Harmonics and glissandi add to the attraction for student harpists. 19 pages. INTERMEDIATE LEVER HARP.

Table of Contents:

Boogeyman’s Blues
From Beyond
Will o’ the Wisp
Under the Ground
Goblins’ Round Dance
Don’t look behind you

If you are seeing this post right now, at this time, you may download “Don’t Look Behind You” for FREE.  DontLookBehindYouFreeSample

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Halloween by Mitch Landy

Original tunes for Halloween or anytime. Modeled after “Spooky Tunes”, another suite by Mitch, these are less challenging and more appropriate for beginning harpists.  See the samples to get an idea of the tune structure and level of difficulty.  Late beginner, early intermediate for the most part.

Midnight, A Ride with the Pooka, Ghosts, Witches’ Dance.


Ghosts, easy version – free here!  Ghosts Easy Version Free on Blog site

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King Arthur’s Court

Here is an inspiring collection of original works for harp by a young harp student named Claire Pershan. Her music is inspired by the stories of Arthurian legend read to her as a very young child by her mother. The music is out of the ordinary, and fun to play. The compositions are not difficult, but they do have changing meter and many passages that are very good for learning specific technical aspects of playing the harp. Dynamics are well marked. All of the music Claire wrote for this collection can be performed on a full range lever harp. Guinevere is in A minor, and uses mostly 2 and 3-note finger placings. It is 2 pages in length and without lever changes. Tingagel is in D minor, 3 pages in length. There are 2, 3, and 4-note finger placings. Also, there is a 7/8 rhythm change, and some notes quite high, requiring learning some of those notes way above the treble staff. This piece also teaches phrasing. King Arthur is 4 pages in length, and in the key of D Dorian. Meter markings are 2/2, ¾ and 4/4. Although not difficult, in one section there are LH harmonics as the underlying harmony to RH triplets. Wicked Day is in C minor, 6/8 time. Contains parallel 5ths, 3, and 4-note placing patterns. 2 pages in length. Ninian is in D Dorian ending on an A minor chord. 2 pages in length, mainly 3-note placing patterns. Its meter changes from ¾ to common time and bock to ¾ again. Ninian contains 1 and 2-measure phrases shared by both hands. Morgane, the Witch is marked with 3 flats, but C and F sharps are on permanently. It consists mainly of parallel 4ths. There are a few lever changes in this one. The final selection in this book is Sparrow Hawk. It is 2 pages in length and in the key of G Dorian with 3 flats. The meter changes several times, and there is one measure of 4/8. It’s a great exercise in counting. The LH remains active with broken chords; the RH contains broken chords and also short lyrical phrases. LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE LEVER HARP.

Free – Morgane the Witch  (your Halloween Treat) Morgane the Witch – free

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